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April 1, 2011

I’m gonna jump right into this one today because basically i have so much pent up anger and rage in my being I need to vent.
I bet most of you saw that video today.
The video that violated one human being’s fundamental human rights in more than 1000 ways.
My girlfriend watched it and mentioned a few of us along with the Facebook link on Twitter this morning.
I did not click on the link initially because I thought….
……“oh it’s just one of those things!”
Besides it IS April Fool’s day today and I sure as hell wasn’t falling for any of that foolishness.
As the day progressed i noticed a bunch of people tweeting comments on the video…..
….so I figured….
…what the hell!
Grabbed my computer, searched for my girl’s earlier tweet and clicked on the link.
After the first few seconds I was yawning and thinking….
…….“How is this even remotely heartbreaking?”
Some girl in a dress, a few bruises,bunch of guys making noise… drama!
I was about to shut it off when the real mess started.
These guys started to rip the girl’s clothes off!
At that point I was like “what the flying fuck is going on here?”
They continued to strip her till she was completely naked.
The guys grabbed her legs and pried then open to expose her vagina to the camera….
She’s tried frantically to cover her breasts and vagina but these guys were pulling her from every angle making it virtually impossible.
The guys yanked her hands away from her private parts.
Her efforts to save what was left of her dignity proved futile.
This girl…..
….pretty girl….
….was struggling to break free amidst tears.
She looked tired.
Worn out.
But these guys were relentless.
At some point in the video it looked like someone was poking and prodding her vagina.
If you didn’t see the video…..
….i wonder how just reading this makes you feel.
I was absolutely livid watching it.
The kind of anger that my heart let out was beyond my own comprehension.
I don’t think I have felt anything this intense in years.
Now the story behind this whole video I do not know for sure.
I heard three different ones and I’m not sure which is an actual fact.
Story one: This girl was a thief the police had been looking for, for a long time.
Story two:This girl had stolen a laptop and a bunch of other items.
Story three: She took her friend’s laptop from her room without her permission. So when this friend came to find that her laptop was nowhere to be found, she panicked. She then found the laptop in the girl’s room and started calling her a thief.

To be very honest.
I don’t give a rat’s ass what this girl’s crime was so much.
I know it has something to do with stealing.
My issue here is how people who are supposed to be in a higher learning institution could be so primitive in their method of punishment.
How men who have mothers and sisters could treat a woman this way.
Yes she stole something…
…..but what right have you to violate her in this manner?
Who made you God?
Fuck that!
God would not humiliate any of his creations in this way.
No way, no how!
This video spun several arguments on Facebook,Twitter and in my office.
A lot of them very juvenile and ignorant.
No surprise here.
So many ignorant fucktards on Facebook anyway…
I speak purely from a personal point of view and if you cannot deal with it….
…please don’t fucking read my blog.
I am pissed.
The anger surging through me as I write this is the kinda anger that drives people to act the fool.
I am pissed.
Absolutely livid!
University of Ghana.
Ghana’s premiere university?
My ass!

The men who did this are people who are going to complete their ‘higher education”…..
….and blend with people in the system.
These psychopaths….
…these animals.
Their actions towards this girl was NOT human.
No person with a soul….
….or with a conscience would do that to anyone.
No one.
Some dumb fuck opened their mouth and made a statement that made me want to slap them into oblivion.
This person said that when guys who steal in Legon are caught,
The girls enjoy watching them get stripped and ponded.

If you watched the video,
Did you see any girls stripping this chick?
Did you?

How the fuck is that even an argument?
These were guys.
All stronger than she will ever be.
Grabbing her in places that no stranger should.
If you’re a guy reading this and you think I’m being dramatic…..
…or that I’m over-reacting….
Imagine you mother, aunt, sister or female cousin……
…..even your grandmother being violated in this way.

Sure they’ll say they didn’t rape her. Oh! They just stripped her!
But I swear this was worse than rape.
The girl will be traumatized for the rest of her life.

Karma is a bitch guys.
It truly is.

You don’t want the shit you do…..
….especially to someone’s daughter to come back a few years to bite you in the ass.

Yes she stole something.
But Lord knows she did not deserve what they did to her.
You know what killed me?
Some of the men in that video looked to me like they were mature students.
I’ll bet they have wives…..
….perhaps girlfriend.
…ooooh! You do not know that evil things going through my head right now.
No this isn’t my usual funny, quirky blog piece.
This shit hit me.
It tore my heart to pieces…..
If you watched it and didn’t feel anything….
…I’m not sure what you are.
I truly am not.
Yes I have taken it very personal.
I am a woman and watching that shit made me realize that there is evil in men’s hearts.
I bet you anything they stripped her just to satisfy their own perverted desires.
What the flying fuck has her vagina got to do with the situation at hand.
Forcing her legs open like that.
Say what you want…..
..but those guys….
….all those guys raped that girl when they violated her like that.
They did……
…..and in my opinion that is even more criminal than whatever that girl did to warrant that treatment.
But karma is gonna come.
And it will bite you in the ass many times over.
Maybe not today.
Maybe not tomorrow.
But it surely will come.
And the beauty of it for me is I realized how truly ignorant some people are today.
LOL-ing the video and basically making basic comments like how she shaved real nice.
Someone on my Blackberry said something about why she was going round stealing when clearly she could afford a Brazillian wax.
Damn shame because every single one of you has a mother.
And if you have love for you mother…
If you have respect for you mother…
You will NEVER treat a woman that way.
It is NOT funny…
At all…..
….and I must say I lost a lotta respect for certain people today.
You cannot begin to justify this nonsense.
This shit is happening in Universities.
Higher learning.

You would expect these people to know better.
You would expect these people to be able to ask themselves,
How Far Is Too Far?
I guess that’s asking too much.