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July 1, 2011

Ok! Let me just put this out there. I do NOT understand people who call you back to back.
More like people who call ME back to back….
….like calling me 15 times will make a difference!
If I don’t want to talk, I don’t want to talk…….
……or perhaps I’m busy. Did you think of that?
Or that I know what trivial issue you’re about to yap down my phone and since I’m NOT interested I’m ignoring you.
It is FUCKING irritating when you call me back to back….
….. with no breather in between!
It really is.
Unless it’s urgent, don’t do it.
And what is up with those people who try to get your attention with a PING!?
What is that?
Seriously! What IS that?
Unless you sent me a message earlier (an important one at that)….
….and didn’t get a response (after an hour)…
You have no fucking right to attack me with a PING!
Its hella annoying.
Fucktard: PING!
Fucktard: PING!
Fucktard: PING!
Me: What?!!???!!!
Fucktard: What’s up?
Me: *insert straight face here*
Unless we play like that, don’t ping my phone like a mad person wai!
Now that that rant is over, how about we talk about men…..and food…
….how about that?