May 9, 2012

A few days ago I read an article by my old roomie from Uni, Nuella.
It was an article on a condition that a lot of affluent young men in not just Ghana……
…..but the world at large, are suffering from these days.
What does this mean you might ask?
It’s pretty simple….
Rich Boy Syndrome!
NO! Dont laugh…..
…this is serious business because (I will refer you to the original piece) when I read it, a LOT of people I actually do know came to mind.
That’s when I realized that I know way too many useless people.
I said it!
Basically my friend talked about all these young men who at first glance seem like men……
….THEN you actually get to know them and you ask yourself….
Is this life??
They are the grown men constantly talking about their worldly possessions….
….and I’m not talking about things like stocks oh!
They talk about how many Vivienne Westwood shoes they own….
….or how much their Cartier ring cost…
…..or how Dubai is their backyard.
They are the ones found in the clubs every single weekend….
….drinking champagne (if there’s enough left after they have poured it over everybody present for shege reasons)……..
…The ones dancing in the middle of the dancefloor (usually displaying some very spastic moves….and it takes a lot NOT to call a paramedic because they look like they are having epileptic fits)
My take on this type of man though is that he may be rich but might not have been a top student in the good school they went to.
This is why his spelling and general spoken English may leave very little to be desired.
But don’t worry! He has money!
Dear old Nuella was kind enough to add a twist to these boys/men in her piece oh!
They actually HAVE jobs.
Most of the ones I have met don’t.
They laze about all morning and when you ask them what they are up to, tell you about some business deal they are about to embark on.
You and I know this translates to…..
Daddy is supposed to deposit some money into my account at 1pm. I’m just chilling out till he does so I can get some gas and have lunch at (insert appropriate restaurant here) with chamapagne
Mind you, the champagne is a constant in his life!
What a life!!!!!
Wouldn’t we LOVE to exist like this?
Stress free.
I really don’t have too many issues with these men.
Boy! I would LOVE to be able to stay home every day and still get paid!
The only real issue I have with them is how utterly chauvinistic and disrespectful they can be.
Not just to women…..
….but people in general.
I have personally dated a boy/man with RBS before….I tell you no lie!
I write from experience.
Their attitude stems from their feeling like the world revolves around them/owes them something.
These boys/men seem to think because they have a fat wallet, women should bow down to them AND kiss their feet.
If you like, let a man like this chase you and tell him you’re not interested.
He will show you all his bank statements and THEN drive you to his house to see what is in it…..pointing to each item while he is gripping your tiny wrist and shouting…..
If after that you still say no, then you become a “prostitute”
A cheap girl and then he “realizes” he can do better!
And these people have friends…
..hangers on…
…who let them get away away with all kinds of shit for an opportunity to drink the finest liquor and puff on expensive cigars!
When a man of this calibre takes you out…..
…he could easily start to talk to another woman right in front of you.
You stand there and wait oh!
And you are probably still on his arm while he does this!
Dare you protest!
You’re even lucky he brought you to begin with.
If it wasn’t for me like have you come here before? Me dieh stand there wohor!
” (This is a man who can’t speak very good English but is rich)
These men can be so rude it’s incredible.
The thing is, after I read my friend’s piece, I read the comments.
People were giving her grief about being bitter etc.
But believe me, I know this girl and its nothing like that.
The women reading this can attest to this fact…..a lot of these men have zero respect for us.
We’re disposable.
He writes his number on a hundred dollar bill and he has you!
I must be honest though, I have met some genuinely lovely trust fund babies.
I know a few of the chauvinistic ones who have gone ahead and gotten married.*cringe*
Usually to very beautiful girls who want all the finer things in life and so put up with their nonsense.
They drive nice cars but the sadness on their faces cannot be fixed by a brand new Porshe!
Most painful is when they tell you about their husband’s cheating ways.
Women kwraa why are we so stupid sometimes???
You see a man and because you see dollar signs you deceive yourself and say you’re in love!
Which kine love?
I despise women who make themselves victims.
Am I deviating?
If you’re 30+…..
….and you still do the whole “daddy/mummy says we should blah blah blah”…..
…..have some money …..
….spend all your time partying…..every weekend with “the boys”….
….have no real priorities in life and the most important thing to you…..
….at 30 or 40….
….is what Chris Brown said to the members of B2K…..
….or why Jay-Z shouldn’t have put Kanye on some track….
Have a string of women…..
….who u treat like shit.
You probably have this disease.
If you actually need to ask how to fix this , then indeed you HAVE a problem!
I can’t help you.
Look to the Lord……
….and EVERYBODY shout AMEN!!!!!!

Dedicated to Nuella Iyoha who wrote this http://www.bellanaija.com/2012/05/07/the-rich-boy-syndrome-abujalagoslondongeneva



  1. AMEN!
    Interesting piece Lorraine, i hope most of these ladies who see ‘dollar signs’ get to read this before their ‘reality checks’ bounce.

  2. Great post.

  3. Blame it on Walt Disney (a bit).
    The lady always gets married to a Prince and lives happily ever after in a castle.
    No one ever cares abt his upbringing.
    Blame it on Hip Hop culture and modern trends.
    Everyone wants the fabulous life of sports men and Hip Hop stars.
    There’s nothing really wrong with wanting the finer thing in life just some times it comes with dead weight

  4. Aaaaaaaaaand she’s back!! Hats off to both you and your friend!

  5. LOL. Funny & true (for the most part). See im what you’d classify as ‘friends’ of guys with RBS. Only i dont do it for champagne & cigars…the shallow women are the real attraction. You should write a piece on us next. Or?

  6. LMAO! Omg….some Legon boys are coming to mind so fast, i’m having mental whiplash…

  7. Nice one! i read Nuella’s article and just saw the link to yours. Loads of ladies have encountered RBS having guys. Its kind of funny how they are everywhere….funny and scary at the same time.

  8. There is a much deeper part of this dynamic that never gets talked about or explored fully. In a nutshell, no matter how cliche, we lack good role models in our society.

  9. I usually do not leave many responses, but i did some searching
    And I do have a few questions for you if it’s allright. Could it be simply me or does it look like some of these responses appear as if they are coming from brain dead individuals? 😛 And, if you are posting at additional online sites, I’d like to keep up with anything new you have to post.
    Would you make a list of every one of your shared pages like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

    • I’m only active on Twitter…@LorraineAMB
      Did you have a chance to read any of the other posts?
      Responses could possibly be from women who still don’t know their worth or men who clearly also do not respect women.

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