May 27, 2012

I woke up this morning, picked up my phone and went on Twitter.

Mainly to see what people had to say about last night’s concert.

If you’re in Ghana you would know that braa Bow Wow and Sister Keri Hilson were here!

I’ve heard good things about the show.

Especially that Chemphe performed! (Please don’t ask me anything about this statement)

I’m deviating. (typically)

I’m not here to talk about the concert!!!

We’ll leave that for TalkofGH.

As I was reading the various comments about the show….

….. an old friend popped up on my timeline and I said hello.

I haven’t seen this guy in a really long time so I asked where we was……

….. and he mentioned that he had moved back to the States.

I asked why and the conversation that ensued was the inspiration  for this piece!

He said he left Ghana just before Valentine’s day.

This helped him avoid all the unnecessary pressure.

I laughed.

Then he went on to comment on how somehow, every (national) holiday became a reason to pay for something.

Everyone wants something.

And it’s not just the females wanting gifts on Valentine’s Day…..

…their birthdays or Christmas!

It was how regular holidays have also turned into a day of “tax payment”

AU Day, Farmer’s Day, New Year’s Day, Independence Day….

Everyone wants something.

Even on Friday!

At the average police checkpoint…..

On any of the days stated above….

…. you will experience this…

YOU: *Pull up to the barrier*

POLICE: * waves magic wand (torch). Uses wand to tap your window* “Roll down!”

YOU: *Roll down gingerly* “good evening”

POLICE: “Why you no wan  to roll down??? Wia are you going??”

YOU: “Home”

If it’s very late, it may continue like this…..

POLICE: “Ei! You have gone to enjoy ywa sef. Give me malt”

Honestly when they say this I always want to ask if I look like a GGBL distributor!

If it’s a holiday, you’ll get the….

POLICE:  As you know, deh boys are here dooyin samtin good for you. Samtin small for the boys mek we chop deh holiday”

Same happens on Friday.

And they don’t request it oh?

It’s almost like a threat.

My friend mentioned how a policeman asked him for “something small for the boys”

And he replied with “today no good”

The policeman asked him why today was not good and asked him to park for a full search!

They expect these hand outs!

It’s not just them oh!

The man who goes to stand behind your car….

…making all these frantic hand gestures….

….claiming he’s helping you park will also come to you when he’s done and demand some money for “parking your car”


Asem oh!!

How did YOU park the car when I was the one behind the wheel???

I went to 3121 recently.

After my meal….

…as I was leaving….

..there were two security men in the parking lot.

I heard one of them say as they approached my car….

…in Ga…

“Yaa’m) m3n3 ni mihu ma m) m3ne”

Basically he was saying “let me get this one while you get the other”

I was getting into my car and my friend was too so they wanted money from both of us.

I was so annoyed I ignored him and drove off.

Isn’t it your job as the PAID security man to watch the cars that visit the outfit?

What nonsense!!!

Everybody wants handouts in this country whether they deserve it or not.

This is why my friend refuses to come to Ghana.

The economy is already in a deplorable state.

We’re working hard to make money.

Everything is ridiculously expensive.

The dollar and pound steady keeps rising….

…but those who want things to come to them easy will forever chant their mantra…

Samtin Small For Deh Boys.

Just don’t come to me with that nonsense because you’ll never get anything!

Call me what you want…

……I’m saving for a holiday!


Dedicated to @TrevorJames00 who made me laugh this morning!




  1. Hahaha!! The police are ridiculous, aren’t they? How do we expect to progress as a country with this nonsense?? Excellent stuff! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wia are you going? Hahaha they always lose me with that question

  3. A pleasurable read as always!

  4. Somthin small for da boys,dat statement dey BORE KEKE

  5. This is totally unrelated..but for the past two years there has always been a post in June…can you please whip something? Please

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