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Guest Blogger Fred(@80Griots) said…….

October 15, 2012

The universe is so much smaller these days and I think people’s intelligence shrunk right along with it. The ignorance of the masses is more pronounced and colored for all and sundry to feast on. Uncensored and unadulterated access to spewing any pile of faecal matter in 142 letters, or a status update that is an infinite jambalaya of text-speak, spelling accuracy of a dyslexic autistic toddler and the coherence of a drunk homeless immigrant from Chad.

The reason for this rant; great friend of mine Lorraine, brought up the event of Sarkodie being clowned on the twittersphere for his assertion that Irish Cream, the liqueur, to be precise, is an ingredient. Here is the quote: “I’m the missing ingredient in a perfect meal, Call me the Irish Cream”

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His subsequent explanation: “Okk so just to clear things up 4 ma fans I am missing in da meal so I’m on da side now *irish cream*… N dat is after meal is done!!!”

I don’t know whether to cry about the catastrophe that is his above sentence construction to explain his metaphorical misnomer as judged by the vast Ghanaian twitter brain-bank or be mad at the folly of the group-think manner in which the masses applied their jokes-on-him moment.

I called my younger brother, sent him a voicenote actually, praying that he wasn’t on this bandwagon trainwreck of ignorance and that is when my heart shattered in more directions than traffic at Kwame Nkrumah Circle. I realized one thing through all of this, our culture is mostly skewed for a one-dimensional isolationist way of viewing things. Simply because Irish Cream is not a prominent part of your general Ghanaian diet does not exclude it from being an ingredient. The larger point being, an ingredient by definition is simply the constitution of any given matter, be it physical or metaphorical.

Forget the fact that the most important ingredient in the world’s most expensive coffee is manufactured through the poop of a Kopi Luwak(its an animal- look it up), the gravitas of this issue is quite disturbing. In its own glimpsing way, it could be one explanation for why a lot of our society seems to have such tunnel vision. I wouldn’t go off on a tangent and lose your audience.

I am pleading with you to take a little bit more time to understand language a little better. Reading is far more enjoyable when you can make sense of expressions that are an anomaly to your programmed way of thinking. ‘Ingredients’ does not mean just tomatoes, pepper, yam, kontomire, mankani etc. Even the coal-pot can be described as an ingredient, it just needs context. In this context, Sarkodie’s use of Irish Cream in his metaphor is above reproach, grammatically ie. Better still, in any context it was accurate, I may not consider it the smartest metaphor but that is a matter of opinion.

This reeks of the same idea that every chocolate drink is Milo just as every toothpaste is Pepsodent type of thinking. For you TEAMCoolkids as named by my dear Lorraine, the world is much larger and far more challenging than the effort you exert in coming up with your best 142 characters to garner some two-second-fame on the twittersphere. Think your own thoughts, be sure of your facts before you speak and most importantly, be independent. So what I’m 30 and have only 3 friends, I’m still smarter than your father’s rich friend. LOL, seriously, it pays to be your own person rather than being a sheep that goes as the wind blows.

Written by Frederick Elizabeth


Irish Cream: An Ingredient or not?

October 11, 2012

So last night on Twitter I noticed some madness about Irish Cream.
It was all over my timeline.
I had no clue what it was all about….(someone actually gave me grief about not knowing what it was about…I don’t live on the internet oh! If I don’t know I will ask…anyway….)
….so I did a little bit of asking around and it turned out it was something one of our rappers had said in some cypher.
The line (as in, in the verse) was apparently something along the lines of him being the missing ingredient, like Irish Cream.
Pardon me but once I heard the story…..
…. I started to wonder about the people on my Timeline.
It made realize that people really will jump on anything and make jokes…..just as long as we have people to join in.
We’re all bored. Nothing to do. (or we’re just plain ol’ ignorant)
How CAN’T Irish Cream be an ingredient?
The stuff is used in desserts and coffee……(and some will argue that this is not what he meant. Give the boy the benefit of the doubt!)
Brownies, cheesecake, regular cake, ice-cream, coffee, pudding, macaroons, candy…..*sigh*
….so in essence he hasn’t said anything stupid. (don’t YOU feel stupid??)
He might be the missing ingredient to an Irish Coffee….like Irish Cream.
I noticed however that most of the jokes and memes were centred around our local food……(no surprise there)
…fufu and abenkwan, banku and okro soup, waakye……
You see what being stuck in myopia has done to you people??
You can’t even think beyond the country in which you live.
Seriously, you lot don’t see how Irish Cream COULD be an ingredient??
I won’t event continue to speak on this one.
If you can’t see how, and maintain that the guy has “slacked” in some way, then so be it.
I have already lost hope.
I was just chatting with my cousin and this conversation came up so I thought…
….”why not let it out the best way you know how Lorraine.”
It’s not so much about the “Irish Cream”,
The delicious drink just made me realize a bunch of things….
It’s Twitter (perhaps, social media) in general…
….and the kind of people it churns.
Then again it may be natural human behaviour.
I’ll bet half the people making jokes figured at some point that “hey! Dude may not be entirely wrong”…
…but because of the fear of not being accepted…..teased….
….or being the butt of the jokes for #TEAMCoolKids….
…they also quickly started to think of some jokes that hopefully will be retweeted.
Key word here being “Hopefully”
Why not just jump on the bandwagon will ya?(My friend Kuukua used the word Robot Sheep a lot…I think it might be appropriate for this piece n’est ce pas?)
I get the impression that a lot of people on Twitter yearn to belong.
It’s awesome if it works for you.
You don’t put food on my table so HEY!
My only issue here is that it’s quite sad to see that people aren’t individuals anymore.
Everyone is mirroring someone…
No one wants to think for themselves.
Everyone just wants to belong.
“We must all think as one. God forbid I think outside of the group! *shudders*”
I see my own friends on there and I realize how quickly they have morphed into something I don’t recognize.
Speech, choice of diction, references…..everything!!!
Meanwhile when you do see/meet these people in reality; they are NOTHING like their Twitter personality.
My cousin said, ‘’Twitter boosts a lotta people’s confidence”
This is true.
Some of you chat so much shit on there…..
……not my kind of shit oh!
Real “you could get into trouble” shit
All in the name of “being cool”
But then, given an opportunity to back that shit up in real life, you will chicken out shamefully.
In real life, #TEAMCoolKids won’t be there to back you up.
No sir!
They will be looking for the next cool thing to post on Twitter….for more retweets.
And I’ll say again, about this “Irish Cream rapper” situation.
I had the chance to have a conversation with someone who was busy making and retweeting jokes…
I asked him if he really didn’t get that the stuff could be labelled as an “ingredient”
I talked…and talked…and talked!
Finally he said he saw my point. I was right.
If you believe something…
..if you stand for something…
…and this isn’t necessarily about the sexy creamy booze…
This goes beyond the stuff!
It’s life in general.
(Because I saw some dirty jokes about the Uniport tragedy also…I shall save that one for another day. …but seriously, shame on you for laughing about that situation. Shame on you.)
It shouldn’t matter what the other cool kids think.
You’ll be a cooler kid for standing out.
For showing them that you won’t agree simply because…
…..that you have an opinion.
That you are capable of thinking a little bit more….
…or beyond the box you have put yourself in.
Who said Peer Pressure doesn’t exist after a certain age??
I’m tired wai.
This is all I have to say.
And if you don’t like it, I keep asking you not to read my blog.
I’m pretty sure the Robot Sheep will be the first to challenge me……
….but I still maintain that….
…Irish Cream could be an ingredient!