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May 19, 2014

I dunno….but it’s been a while.

Quite a number of people have asked why I’ve been away.

It’s pretty simple.

I’ve been happy!! *Cue Pharrell’s Happy”

The world has been good to me lately….

……or maybe to you because NONE of you have pissed me off enough to drag me here.

But since I’m writing now, you know what it means.

Someone’s crossed me.

Someone’s given all of us a reason to sing! LOL!

Enough faffing about already…..

Let’s get this ball rolling.

So in March 2013, I made the bold decision to chop off my relaxed hair and grow my tresses out naturally.

I say BOLD because a lot of us black women still haven’t been able to embrace our kinky coils.

The black cotton which makes us different from the rest of the world’s races…..

…our uniqueness. (Aside our skin colour of course)

No I’m not judging any woman with relaxed hair.

I remember how quickly I would slather the creamy crack on my new growth when I had relaxed hair!

Gosh! Sometimes I miss having straight hair.

Hair that lies flat when it comes in contact with water.

My kinky hair…well…it comes alive when it ‘sees’ water!

It’s like a party on my head.

I’m deviating…as usual.

So yeah…I chopped off my hair.

Now the most interesting thing about going natural has not been my discovery of how absolutely beautiful and versatile the hair I was born with is….


It’s been the reactions I get from people when they realize my hair is unprocessed.

Virgin hair.

That I must say, has been quite a huge part of my journey.

Sometime last year, after the big chop….

….I met a guy.

Black guy.

When I say black, I’m not only talking about race.

No! No! No!

BLACK guy!

Let me just add here that after having relaxed hair for over 10 years it was difficult to accept my face without hair.

So as soon as I chopped it off, I found some fake hair and stuck it on.

The confidence I lost from the big chop returned AS soon as the fake hair was back….

…framing my face…..

Making me look like a woman again….

… defined by magazines….

…the “beauty experts”…

….everyday people…

..and our very selves!

I fit the accepted definition of beauty again.

I had hair!

Am I deviating again?

So I met this guy when I had my confidence hat on. (My weave)

Obviously this was accepted so he was accepting.

The day this man saw my real hair!



I’m even laughing as I type!

He opened his mouth and asked …

…..“Why you got Nigger hair?!”


Uncle Ruckus!

Nigger hair?

I looked at him long and hard.

Trying to figure out if he had missed my skin colour.

Last I checked I was black.

That stuff grows out of our heads.

The Nigger Hair that is.

So I asked him….

“Why do you hate yourself?”

He looked at me completely puzzled.

Suffice to say, my interaction with this person ended.

You see…

…if an obroni man had made such an utterance….I would have understood kakra.(I said kakra oooh!)

But my fellow brotha !*hold your fist up revolution style*

The many years of seeing our women with relaxed and “woven hair” seems to have confused some of our men.

He isn’t the only one to have commented on my natural locks.


He was the only one who boldly and ignorantly made a racist comment against his own race….(Yes this is possible)

I’ve heard comments like…

“aden? Perming cream asa?” (why? Is perming cream no longer in existence?”

“na woti no wo ntwi”” (won’t you relax your hair??”)

BUT you see

I’ve also heard good although funny comments…

…my good friend Allen  can’t get enough of my natural coiffe.

 Kuuku calls my signature do a Baobab tree…affectionately.

Heck! My friend Kay says I’m a sexy Sideshow Bob. LOL!

My Obroni friends CANNOT keep their hands to themselves when I’m near. (erm…their hands are in my hair pls. Get your minds outta the gutter!)

I’m not sure that I want to relax my hair anytime soon.

I’m enjoying the freedom my hair gives me.

  1. I can go swimming without worrying about my hair getting wet.
  2. Cost of maintenance has been lowered significantly. (And I mean significantly! Ewurade!!!!)
  3. I love the attention and the looks of puure admiration I get from my fellow sistas* hold your fist up revolution style*(these same sistas would then say things like….”oh it’s nice because your hair is nice. My hair dieh! Kpenkpeshie!”  Sista please if you do it, your own will be nice too wai. )
  4. I love how heat appliances are a thing of the past. Curlers. Blowdriers. Straightners! GONE!

It’s been a beautiful journey! (don’t get me wrong…I like to rock my confidence hat occasionally)

A sensible decision…..

One I wish I had made earlier.

So all you Uncle(and Auntie) Ruckuses out there….

….I beg you…

If you can’t accept my blackness….

…I can’t accept your ignorance.

Or is it preference?


Dedicated to my nappy headed sisters ……Alexandra, Judith and Priscilla

And to my Brother-in-Law, Aaron,  who gave me so much grief about not writing I HAD to put this down!


Guest Blogger Fred(@80Griots) said…….

October 15, 2012

The universe is so much smaller these days and I think people’s intelligence shrunk right along with it. The ignorance of the masses is more pronounced and colored for all and sundry to feast on. Uncensored and unadulterated access to spewing any pile of faecal matter in 142 letters, or a status update that is an infinite jambalaya of text-speak, spelling accuracy of a dyslexic autistic toddler and the coherence of a drunk homeless immigrant from Chad.

The reason for this rant; great friend of mine Lorraine, brought up the event of Sarkodie being clowned on the twittersphere for his assertion that Irish Cream, the liqueur, to be precise, is an ingredient. Here is the quote: “I’m the missing ingredient in a perfect meal, Call me the Irish Cream”

Read more:

His subsequent explanation: “Okk so just to clear things up 4 ma fans I am missing in da meal so I’m on da side now *irish cream*… N dat is after meal is done!!!”

I don’t know whether to cry about the catastrophe that is his above sentence construction to explain his metaphorical misnomer as judged by the vast Ghanaian twitter brain-bank or be mad at the folly of the group-think manner in which the masses applied their jokes-on-him moment.

I called my younger brother, sent him a voicenote actually, praying that he wasn’t on this bandwagon trainwreck of ignorance and that is when my heart shattered in more directions than traffic at Kwame Nkrumah Circle. I realized one thing through all of this, our culture is mostly skewed for a one-dimensional isolationist way of viewing things. Simply because Irish Cream is not a prominent part of your general Ghanaian diet does not exclude it from being an ingredient. The larger point being, an ingredient by definition is simply the constitution of any given matter, be it physical or metaphorical.

Forget the fact that the most important ingredient in the world’s most expensive coffee is manufactured through the poop of a Kopi Luwak(its an animal- look it up), the gravitas of this issue is quite disturbing. In its own glimpsing way, it could be one explanation for why a lot of our society seems to have such tunnel vision. I wouldn’t go off on a tangent and lose your audience.

I am pleading with you to take a little bit more time to understand language a little better. Reading is far more enjoyable when you can make sense of expressions that are an anomaly to your programmed way of thinking. ‘Ingredients’ does not mean just tomatoes, pepper, yam, kontomire, mankani etc. Even the coal-pot can be described as an ingredient, it just needs context. In this context, Sarkodie’s use of Irish Cream in his metaphor is above reproach, grammatically ie. Better still, in any context it was accurate, I may not consider it the smartest metaphor but that is a matter of opinion.

This reeks of the same idea that every chocolate drink is Milo just as every toothpaste is Pepsodent type of thinking. For you TEAMCoolkids as named by my dear Lorraine, the world is much larger and far more challenging than the effort you exert in coming up with your best 142 characters to garner some two-second-fame on the twittersphere. Think your own thoughts, be sure of your facts before you speak and most importantly, be independent. So what I’m 30 and have only 3 friends, I’m still smarter than your father’s rich friend. LOL, seriously, it pays to be your own person rather than being a sheep that goes as the wind blows.

Written by Frederick Elizabeth


Irish Cream: An Ingredient or not?

October 11, 2012

So last night on Twitter I noticed some madness about Irish Cream.
It was all over my timeline.
I had no clue what it was all about….(someone actually gave me grief about not knowing what it was about…I don’t live on the internet oh! If I don’t know I will ask…anyway….)
….so I did a little bit of asking around and it turned out it was something one of our rappers had said in some cypher.
The line (as in, in the verse) was apparently something along the lines of him being the missing ingredient, like Irish Cream.
Pardon me but once I heard the story…..
…. I started to wonder about the people on my Timeline.
It made realize that people really will jump on anything and make jokes…..just as long as we have people to join in.
We’re all bored. Nothing to do. (or we’re just plain ol’ ignorant)
How CAN’T Irish Cream be an ingredient?
The stuff is used in desserts and coffee……(and some will argue that this is not what he meant. Give the boy the benefit of the doubt!)
Brownies, cheesecake, regular cake, ice-cream, coffee, pudding, macaroons, candy…..*sigh*
….so in essence he hasn’t said anything stupid. (don’t YOU feel stupid??)
He might be the missing ingredient to an Irish Coffee….like Irish Cream.
I noticed however that most of the jokes and memes were centred around our local food……(no surprise there)
…fufu and abenkwan, banku and okro soup, waakye……
You see what being stuck in myopia has done to you people??
You can’t even think beyond the country in which you live.
Seriously, you lot don’t see how Irish Cream COULD be an ingredient??
I won’t event continue to speak on this one.
If you can’t see how, and maintain that the guy has “slacked” in some way, then so be it.
I have already lost hope.
I was just chatting with my cousin and this conversation came up so I thought…
….”why not let it out the best way you know how Lorraine.”
It’s not so much about the “Irish Cream”,
The delicious drink just made me realize a bunch of things….
It’s Twitter (perhaps, social media) in general…
….and the kind of people it churns.
Then again it may be natural human behaviour.
I’ll bet half the people making jokes figured at some point that “hey! Dude may not be entirely wrong”…
…but because of the fear of not being accepted…..teased….
….or being the butt of the jokes for #TEAMCoolKids….
…they also quickly started to think of some jokes that hopefully will be retweeted.
Key word here being “Hopefully”
Why not just jump on the bandwagon will ya?(My friend Kuukua used the word Robot Sheep a lot…I think it might be appropriate for this piece n’est ce pas?)
I get the impression that a lot of people on Twitter yearn to belong.
It’s awesome if it works for you.
You don’t put food on my table so HEY!
My only issue here is that it’s quite sad to see that people aren’t individuals anymore.
Everyone is mirroring someone…
No one wants to think for themselves.
Everyone just wants to belong.
“We must all think as one. God forbid I think outside of the group! *shudders*”
I see my own friends on there and I realize how quickly they have morphed into something I don’t recognize.
Speech, choice of diction, references…..everything!!!
Meanwhile when you do see/meet these people in reality; they are NOTHING like their Twitter personality.
My cousin said, ‘’Twitter boosts a lotta people’s confidence”
This is true.
Some of you chat so much shit on there…..
……not my kind of shit oh!
Real “you could get into trouble” shit
All in the name of “being cool”
But then, given an opportunity to back that shit up in real life, you will chicken out shamefully.
In real life, #TEAMCoolKids won’t be there to back you up.
No sir!
They will be looking for the next cool thing to post on Twitter….for more retweets.
And I’ll say again, about this “Irish Cream rapper” situation.
I had the chance to have a conversation with someone who was busy making and retweeting jokes…
I asked him if he really didn’t get that the stuff could be labelled as an “ingredient”
I talked…and talked…and talked!
Finally he said he saw my point. I was right.
If you believe something…
..if you stand for something…
…and this isn’t necessarily about the sexy creamy booze…
This goes beyond the stuff!
It’s life in general.
(Because I saw some dirty jokes about the Uniport tragedy also…I shall save that one for another day. …but seriously, shame on you for laughing about that situation. Shame on you.)
It shouldn’t matter what the other cool kids think.
You’ll be a cooler kid for standing out.
For showing them that you won’t agree simply because…
…..that you have an opinion.
That you are capable of thinking a little bit more….
…or beyond the box you have put yourself in.
Who said Peer Pressure doesn’t exist after a certain age??
I’m tired wai.
This is all I have to say.
And if you don’t like it, I keep asking you not to read my blog.
I’m pretty sure the Robot Sheep will be the first to challenge me……
….but I still maintain that….
…Irish Cream could be an ingredient!



May 27, 2012

I woke up this morning, picked up my phone and went on Twitter.

Mainly to see what people had to say about last night’s concert.

If you’re in Ghana you would know that braa Bow Wow and Sister Keri Hilson were here!

I’ve heard good things about the show.

Especially that Chemphe performed! (Please don’t ask me anything about this statement)

I’m deviating. (typically)

I’m not here to talk about the concert!!!

We’ll leave that for TalkofGH.

As I was reading the various comments about the show….

….. an old friend popped up on my timeline and I said hello.

I haven’t seen this guy in a really long time so I asked where we was……

….. and he mentioned that he had moved back to the States.

I asked why and the conversation that ensued was the inspiration  for this piece!

He said he left Ghana just before Valentine’s day.

This helped him avoid all the unnecessary pressure.

I laughed.

Then he went on to comment on how somehow, every (national) holiday became a reason to pay for something.

Everyone wants something.

And it’s not just the females wanting gifts on Valentine’s Day…..

…their birthdays or Christmas!

It was how regular holidays have also turned into a day of “tax payment”

AU Day, Farmer’s Day, New Year’s Day, Independence Day….

Everyone wants something.

Even on Friday!

At the average police checkpoint…..

On any of the days stated above….

…. you will experience this…

YOU: *Pull up to the barrier*

POLICE: * waves magic wand (torch). Uses wand to tap your window* “Roll down!”

YOU: *Roll down gingerly* “good evening”

POLICE: “Why you no wan  to roll down??? Wia are you going??”

YOU: “Home”

If it’s very late, it may continue like this…..

POLICE: “Ei! You have gone to enjoy ywa sef. Give me malt”

Honestly when they say this I always want to ask if I look like a GGBL distributor!

If it’s a holiday, you’ll get the….

POLICE:  As you know, deh boys are here dooyin samtin good for you. Samtin small for the boys mek we chop deh holiday”

Same happens on Friday.

And they don’t request it oh?

It’s almost like a threat.

My friend mentioned how a policeman asked him for “something small for the boys”

And he replied with “today no good”

The policeman asked him why today was not good and asked him to park for a full search!

They expect these hand outs!

It’s not just them oh!

The man who goes to stand behind your car….

…making all these frantic hand gestures….

….claiming he’s helping you park will also come to you when he’s done and demand some money for “parking your car”


Asem oh!!

How did YOU park the car when I was the one behind the wheel???

I went to 3121 recently.

After my meal….

…as I was leaving….

..there were two security men in the parking lot.

I heard one of them say as they approached my car….

…in Ga…

“Yaa’m) m3n3 ni mihu ma m) m3ne”

Basically he was saying “let me get this one while you get the other”

I was getting into my car and my friend was too so they wanted money from both of us.

I was so annoyed I ignored him and drove off.

Isn’t it your job as the PAID security man to watch the cars that visit the outfit?

What nonsense!!!

Everybody wants handouts in this country whether they deserve it or not.

This is why my friend refuses to come to Ghana.

The economy is already in a deplorable state.

We’re working hard to make money.

Everything is ridiculously expensive.

The dollar and pound steady keeps rising….

…but those who want things to come to them easy will forever chant their mantra…

Samtin Small For Deh Boys.

Just don’t come to me with that nonsense because you’ll never get anything!

Call me what you want…

……I’m saving for a holiday!


Dedicated to @TrevorJames00 who made me laugh this morning!




May 23, 2012

Two days ago I was unfortunate enough to witness a death.

The event left me incredibly shaken and it made me realize how absolutely stupid people are.

The man who died was stupid and didn’t value his life …

….but I was still sad for him.

I was driving down that new highway that leads to Dome.

It was a little after 10pm….

…. and you all know how there are barely any lights on ANY street in Accra…..

……dare I say Ghana!!

I was driving towards Accra, eager to get home because I was tired as hell.

Ahead of me, there was a yellow van….

….whizzing past as we all do on a highway.

I have a habit of putting my high beams on when I drive on any highway.

It’s so hard to see otherwise.

So I put my high beams on so I could have a better view of the road ahead.

That was when I notice some foreign material being dragged under the van ahead of me.

It looked like a piece of fabric that had been blown onto the road by the wind earlier that day….

….so I dismissed it and continued to drive at the same speed while keeping a safe distance between me and this vehicle.

After about 20 seconds, I noticed the van was still dragging this strange thing along with it as it sped off.

That’s when things got crazy.

Everything happened so fast.

The strange foreign body was actually a human body.

It came detached from the bottom of the van and came rolling towards MY car!!!

All I thought was , “Oh my God! Oh my God! That’s a PERSON!!”

I came to a screeching halt within inches of the lifeless body.

I was stunned!!!

His body was mangled and limbs were facing all sorts of odd directions.

I hadn’t a clue what to do.

So I started to cry.

Please I said I didn’t know what to do!

There was no car behind me so it was safe to be parked for the 30 seconds I was.

Crying like a child…..

….Shaking life a bloody leaf.

It was the scariest thing I had ever seen in my life.

After those 30 seconds….

…I came to my senses and went round the body and drove off.

The van ahead of me….

…the one that had actually hit the guy didn’t even stop or look back.

He just kept going.

I drove in tears the whole way desperately hoping I would come across some policemen.

The days you need them you will NEVER find them!


The whole time I was still right behind the van.

Eventually he stopped right at the bridge before the Neoplan station.

As I drove past him, I slowed down a bit so I could take a look at his face.

I had never seen anyone look so frightened.

I’m guessing it was the shock and fear that made him drive on without stopping to take a look at this person he had just killed….accidentally.

I turned away and kept driving.

I didn’t find a police barrier till I got to Tesano.

I reported the incident to the men on duty and typically, all I got was…

…..”ooooh!! I’m sure the ambolance will come”

Yes “ambolance”

It will magically find its way to the scene of the accident eh???

Since they weren’t exactly bothered….

…I figured, why am I stressing???

It was just so shocking to see someone die like that.

In retrospect, the victim was a fool to attempt to cross the highway.

I mean how dumb can you be????

In the same vein, I don’t blame him because I’ve said time and again that a large percentage of our population is illiterate.

If we don’t educate them on the right way to do things, we shouldn’t expect much from them.

I know I don’t.

These are people whose “natural habitat” has been altered significantly by this new road.

They are used to a certain way of life.

So if you build this new fancy road and put ONE footbridge over it….

…. this road with no bus stop…..

….expect a lot of casualties!!!

They will continue to live as they did prior to the construction of the road.

It’s not very smart.

The pedestrians aren’t the only problem on that road.

Several times I’ve seen trotro driver stop on the side of the highway to offload and load passengers!

I meaaaaaaan!!!

What kinds of nonsense is this one too???

We need a LOT of education.

We’ve built a big road, but the people who are using the road have small brains so how does this improve our lives??

Every time I drive on that road now I’m going to drive really slow.

I’ll end up annoying a lot of other drivers….

….but I don’t particularly care at this point.(ok I’m lying!)

Seeing what I did scared me.

But you know what?

We could educate these people and they would still do the same thing……

…again and again and again!

So I guess this is nature’s way of selecting only the best.




It’s Easier To Own A Dog!!

May 13, 2012

So its Mother’s Day today!!!!

First of all….

Happy Mother’s Day to the real mothers out there.

You’re doing an incredible job! (Pats back)


To the topic at hand today….

…..and it just so happens that I decide to write about this on Mother’s Day BUT it HAS been eating me up for a while.

Like I said, Happy Mother’s Day to the REAL mothers out there.

I say REAL because I DO NOT believe that every woman who has a child is actually a mother.

It takes more than just bringing the child out of your vagina to BE  a mother.

I believe that what you DO to ensure that your child grows up in the best way possible is what being a mother is all about.

That the love and care you give your child is what gives you the title…..

….This is why I can adopt a child and STILL be a mother!

You dig??

Its 2012.

This century has churned a lot of career moms, 21st century moms with radical parenting skills and my personal favourites…..

….women who feel like they need to have children because it is what is expected of them…..

…..or to prove some point to society.

I don’t believe it is mandatory to have a child especially if you have zero interest in their general existence.

I know plenty mothers who are like this.

Their idea of being a mother is buying clothes for their children who are all under 10…

….and taking them to the best restaurants.

No fun trips to the beach…..

…no trips to ice cream parlours…..

… sleepovers and general childish fun!

Remind me again WHEN children became interested in these types of things!

A trip to an expensive restaurant for a 3year old and its labelled “FUN”!

Don’t they like toys anymore??’

Trust me….

….I have nothing against career moms.

I think it wonderful if she can juggle that career and being a mother (and wife and lover) at the same time.

But  when your nanny is literally giving your child (and your husband perhaps) breastmilk….

….THAT is where my problem begins.

These are the mothers who spend all their time at work even if they don’t have to be there…

..and come home when the child is sleeping. Its almost as though she is afraid of the child!

In the morning, a driver takes him to school.

On weekends….

….she’s out with friends OR is at work….again!

She doesnt even cook! (these ones just KILL me!!)

When her child is sick, she dismisses it saying “that’s how children are”

Which children?

My mother was a crazy busy woman when I was growing up but she FOUND the time to spend with us.

On weekends, we would bake with her….

….or cook our own meals under her supervision.

She found time to come for parents day at school…..

….she braided our hair every week(my sister and I)

….. AND……

….. she dropped AND picked us up from school!

She found the time.

But in 2012….

….. a lot of these mothers are leaving the help to raise their children.

Why have these kids in the first place???

What is the point?

And it’s sad because these kids are growing up to become BRATS!!

Not only that, a lot of them are growing up learning ALL the wrong things.

What is my nanny who grew up in some Nzema village going to teach my child?

I know some kids whose mother spends so little time with them…

….when she attempts to, they are in a hurry to get away from her and spend that time with the person who actually cares for them on a daily basis.

I would be so hurt if my kids did this!

I mean i broke my vagina for you!!!!!

Why can’t you spend time with me?

I know mothers who put weaves on their daughters.

These daughters are below 10.

I have seen this personally I tell you no lie!

What is a 7 year old doing with a weave??

I know mothers who leave their kids with the nanny and travel for months.

As a matter of fact I knew of a mother who left her 10month old baby with the nanny and went to have another baby in the States.

And I’m not talking one month!

This mother was gone for almost 4 months.

Her husband was crazy busy…..

….so the child was being taken care of by the nanny at home and the watchman.

Nanny speaks Twi and watchman speaks pidgin English.

Imagine the turmoil this child went through when he was learning to talk!

Imagine the child’s speech!

And these terrible mothers don’t stop at having one child oh!

They have one…then two…then three….

And they put up such an act around other mothers when they are out with their kids.

Acting like they are best friends with their kids

Come and give mummy a kiss”….

…..then you see the child cringing and in his mind he thinks….

…”aaah mummy paaa when did we start kissing each other??

There are people who genuinely WANT kids and can’t have them

The world is unfair!

I say a mother who doesn’t know her child’s favourite colour…

…favourite food…

…things that frighten the child…

….things they hate….

…their hobbies or favourite subject in school DOES not deserve the right to call herself a mother.

As I always say…

it’s easier to own a dog!

How about you quit having the babies and find a mongrel to try caring for….

And if you DO succeed…..

…..have that baby!

Until then….

….leave the baby making for those who are actually interested!




May 9, 2012

A few days ago I read an article by my old roomie from Uni, Nuella.
It was an article on a condition that a lot of affluent young men in not just Ghana……
…..but the world at large, are suffering from these days.
What does this mean you might ask?
It’s pretty simple….
Rich Boy Syndrome!
NO! Dont laugh…..
…this is serious business because (I will refer you to the original piece) when I read it, a LOT of people I actually do know came to mind.
That’s when I realized that I know way too many useless people.
I said it!
Basically my friend talked about all these young men who at first glance seem like men……
….THEN you actually get to know them and you ask yourself….
Is this life??
They are the grown men constantly talking about their worldly possessions….
….and I’m not talking about things like stocks oh!
They talk about how many Vivienne Westwood shoes they own….
….or how much their Cartier ring cost…
…..or how Dubai is their backyard.
They are the ones found in the clubs every single weekend….
….drinking champagne (if there’s enough left after they have poured it over everybody present for shege reasons)……..
…The ones dancing in the middle of the dancefloor (usually displaying some very spastic moves….and it takes a lot NOT to call a paramedic because they look like they are having epileptic fits)
My take on this type of man though is that he may be rich but might not have been a top student in the good school they went to.
This is why his spelling and general spoken English may leave very little to be desired.
But don’t worry! He has money!
Dear old Nuella was kind enough to add a twist to these boys/men in her piece oh!
They actually HAVE jobs.
Most of the ones I have met don’t.
They laze about all morning and when you ask them what they are up to, tell you about some business deal they are about to embark on.
You and I know this translates to…..
Daddy is supposed to deposit some money into my account at 1pm. I’m just chilling out till he does so I can get some gas and have lunch at (insert appropriate restaurant here) with chamapagne
Mind you, the champagne is a constant in his life!
What a life!!!!!
Wouldn’t we LOVE to exist like this?
Stress free.
I really don’t have too many issues with these men.
Boy! I would LOVE to be able to stay home every day and still get paid!
The only real issue I have with them is how utterly chauvinistic and disrespectful they can be.
Not just to women…..
….but people in general.
I have personally dated a boy/man with RBS before….I tell you no lie!
I write from experience.
Their attitude stems from their feeling like the world revolves around them/owes them something.
These boys/men seem to think because they have a fat wallet, women should bow down to them AND kiss their feet.
If you like, let a man like this chase you and tell him you’re not interested.
He will show you all his bank statements and THEN drive you to his house to see what is in it…..pointing to each item while he is gripping your tiny wrist and shouting…..
If after that you still say no, then you become a “prostitute”
A cheap girl and then he “realizes” he can do better!
And these people have friends…
..hangers on…
…who let them get away away with all kinds of shit for an opportunity to drink the finest liquor and puff on expensive cigars!
When a man of this calibre takes you out…..
…he could easily start to talk to another woman right in front of you.
You stand there and wait oh!
And you are probably still on his arm while he does this!
Dare you protest!
You’re even lucky he brought you to begin with.
If it wasn’t for me like have you come here before? Me dieh stand there wohor!
” (This is a man who can’t speak very good English but is rich)
These men can be so rude it’s incredible.
The thing is, after I read my friend’s piece, I read the comments.
People were giving her grief about being bitter etc.
But believe me, I know this girl and its nothing like that.
The women reading this can attest to this fact…..a lot of these men have zero respect for us.
We’re disposable.
He writes his number on a hundred dollar bill and he has you!
I must be honest though, I have met some genuinely lovely trust fund babies.
I know a few of the chauvinistic ones who have gone ahead and gotten married.*cringe*
Usually to very beautiful girls who want all the finer things in life and so put up with their nonsense.
They drive nice cars but the sadness on their faces cannot be fixed by a brand new Porshe!
Most painful is when they tell you about their husband’s cheating ways.
Women kwraa why are we so stupid sometimes???
You see a man and because you see dollar signs you deceive yourself and say you’re in love!
Which kine love?
I despise women who make themselves victims.
Am I deviating?
If you’re 30+…..
….and you still do the whole “daddy/mummy says we should blah blah blah”…..
…..have some money …..
….spend all your time partying…..every weekend with “the boys”….
….have no real priorities in life and the most important thing to you…..
….at 30 or 40….
….is what Chris Brown said to the members of B2K…..
….or why Jay-Z shouldn’t have put Kanye on some track….
Have a string of women…..
….who u treat like shit.
You probably have this disease.
If you actually need to ask how to fix this , then indeed you HAVE a problem!
I can’t help you.
Look to the Lord……
….and EVERYBODY shout AMEN!!!!!!

Dedicated to Nuella Iyoha who wrote this